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About us

We introduced Technology in Education to emulate Gurukul Style Learning

Learning Accord, a technology based educational organization, introduced CLEaRS (Computerized Learning Evaluation and Review System) to the students in 2003. CLEaRS is a new generation of interactive self diagnostic and self learning system. CLEaRS does not teach students blindly, it evaluates students individually to check what a student knows or does not know before teaching the student like a private tutor does. CLEaRS is also available online ( Initially, CLEaRS was available in CD and DVD form, now

CLEaRS for MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) Preparation

In 2005, Learning Accord introduced CLEaRS for MCAT for the students in US and Canada. ( CLEaRS brought a new way of preparing Medical College Admission Test to the students in North America.

TTR system for the teachers to reach Teaching Gold Standard in 2012

Society is embracing technology-based teaching aids, and for good reason. CLEaRS has ridden the wave of this trend with our innovative approach to computerized learning and feedback; however, despite the success of our tools, we believe that there is simply no substitute for human teaching. Accepting the significance and impact of human teachers, we propose a powerful solution for Schools and Tutorial programs, based on a fundamental attribute of high-quality education: Teach-Test-Remediate. Most traditional teaching institutions do not have the means to follow a Teach-Test-Remediate model for instruction: the syllabi are too vast, teachers may not have time to assess every concept taught, marking exam papers for every student in every concept is too overwhelming, and finally performing an analysis of test data to determine students' strengths and needs is near impossible. Taking a class test is not only a huge time commitment on the part of both students and teachers, there is more to it: the purpose of taking tests is to assess students and then to give remedial tutoring-otherwise taking tests would be just a futile effort. But there is simply too much material and too many students to engage in this process with any efficiency Until now: CLEaRS introduces a solution for teach-test-remediate that is viable for teachers and schools. CLEaRS is a test-taking software designed to:

Let teachers teach-it is what they do best-and leave the knowledge testing to us. Together we can reach the gold
standard of teaching.

CLEaRS is the best interactive teaching aid available in today's market.